No Peace No Quiet

Release Date: January 26, 2023
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Jessica Morrison’s parents were murdered sixteen years ago. Now the killer is coming for her.

Looking back, Jessica had a picture-perfect childhood, but that was all ripped to shreds when her loving parents were killed. Eventually, the case went cold and Jessica realized the police barely investigated. She was too young to do anything about their inaction, so she concentrated on growing up as fast as possible under the care of her uncle.

But life had never been the same after that day and her uncle never opened up about the details of her parents death.

And he never will because now he’s dead.

Jessica recognizes that the killer used the same signature as her parent’s death. It has to be the same killer and once again the police don’t want to investigate. There’s something suspicious going on and Jessica begins to understand why her uncle never talked about her parent’s murders–to protect her.

Now it’s up to Jessica to bring the person hunting her family to justice and find out why they’re being targeted.

Before the killer finds her to finish the job once and for all.