Demon’s Touch

Release Date: January 25, 2023
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When I called all men soul-sucking… I didn’t realize how literal that could be.

In a desperate attempt to get away from my ex, I moved to a new city.
Only to find the men here to be the same—overbearing, pushy, and just plain creepy.

Except, maybe I placed the blame on the wrong people.

After two of my dates go missing, I learn I might have a bigger problem than I thought.
I wasn’t being stalked.
I was being haunted.

No matter where I go, I can’t escape.
No attempt to exorcize the demon can save me.
And what’s worse? It knows my deepest desires.

Will that be my downfall or a blessing in disguise?

Locked in a battle, one of us will have to yield.
The only question is, who will survive this haunting?

Will I cleanse myself of this demon? Or will I succumb?